TRAVEL packages

5 days/nights for 520 EUR

Hassle-free package for individual traveler who wants to escape to paradise. We will bring you to Bali and take care of all your needs in the first couple of days. You can extend your stay with us later or explore the island on your own.

1 month for 990 EUR

A trip to Bali is a perfect getaway for restful recuperation, adventure traveling or a combination of both. If you want to take it slowly, experience the Balinese culture, explore the island on the motorbike or try surfing, this package is for you.

2 weeks for 990 EUR

1 month for 1690 EUR

Authentic Bali surf experience.  The Bali Boarding House has a strategic position just a few min. of driving to many world-class surf spots




Feel free to contact Desi, our accommodation manager.